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Candabirawa: Robot Sci-Fi War

Candabirawa the masterpiece
Of a great giant intellectual in
The Culture of Biorobotics Age

FUTURE SHOW--The textbook of future lakonet is going to be performed by ki dalangmaya. Different from Future Shock written by Alvin Toffler, Future Show is an experimental work of dialectical reason engineering of science and magic. The form of dialectical unity between reason and feeling: the harmony of West and East Cultures. In fact, ki dalang is not a futurologist but a futurist who likes exploring en avant vu dimension. --"Nah, these are the image + story + dialog of Ki Harsono Siswocarito's styles in a future flash show."--Look:

Black screen
Of night sign

(Clap!)--"Look out!"
"Hmm, forward!"
(Click!)--"Shit! No bullet left!"

Sound's gone
No left alone

(Whoosh! Clap!)--"Be careful! Watch the frontline!"
"Yes, Sir!"--(Whoosh!
"Laser, Let!"
"Yes, Sir!"
"Sabotage this optic fiber cable--hurry up!"
(Zzsstz!)--"Well done!"
NAKULA: Okay, we've cut the information channel from Bulupitu Headquarter to Biorobotics Lab in Mandraka. Let's arrest General Salya!"

SADEWA: Wait, Captain Nakula--what about the intelsat of Astina?

NAKULA: What? Do you forget, Lieut.Col Sadewa? The outer space military base and star-war equipment of Astina had been destroyed when Marshal Gatotkaca was officiated as the Amartan star-war commander-in-chief.

SADEWA: O yea, all right. C'mon!

Both of the officers from Bumiretawu Division and Sawojajar Division go in a hurry to Mandraka for the sake of duty to seek the secret key of Biorobotics. Without mastering the key it is impossible for Amarta to conquest the Brigade of Candabirawa Biorobots led by Commander General Salya.

Salya is reengineering
In the Biorobotics Lab

MANDRAKA.--General Salya is diligently reengineering his research to perfect the latest and the most sophisticated biorobotics experiment. The Last Biorobot Killers! The cultural heritage of biorobotics from Prof Dr Bagaspati is really extraordinary. Artificial intelligence, the key-success of robotics, now has been completed by artificial intuition, the key-success of biorobotics. Prof Dr Bagaspati has inherited the basic deformation of a silico-logicus to be a biosilico-logicus. This is Candabirawa Biorobotics. Terrible and horrible! And General Salya is ready to send the Brigade of Candabirawa Biorobots to the hell of Kurusetra.

After finishing his research, immediately General Salya contacts Bulupitu Headquarter. He is surprised because all information channels have been cut. With red anger he throws his videophone. Then he goes quickly down the sky scrapper building of the Biorobotics Lab. When he arrives at the basement floor, Captain Nakula and Lieut.Col Sadewa arrest him.

SADEWA: Don't move! Let's finish the war!

SALYA: The war? This is not the place! It's the battlefield case, not the lab one!

NAKULA: Exactly, General, but this Biorobotics Lab is the source of the greatest scientific mal-practice in the future civilization of mankind. Kurusetra is not the field for verifying truth and justice anymore, but the killing-field of human beings. Biorobotics traps human beings to be slaves and victims of it creation. It'd better die for God's sake than be killed by creation!

SALYA: Hmm, so what do you want?

SADEWA: Look at this destruction-button!

NAKULA: So choose, we die together or give us the key of secret formula of Candabirawa Biorobotics?

SALYA: Sly are you bastard! Do you think you can rival my expertise Hua-ha-ha-ha… take it! Nah, see you later in Kurusetra!

After getting the secret key of Candabirawa Biorobotics, Captain Nakula and Lieut.Col Sadewa disappear in the darkness. General Salya rolls his eyes and represses his emotion. To calm his passion, he goes quickly to a pub. And not so long he has fallen weakly on the bed of Setyawati, playing a bomb.

As woman embraces
Everything melts

In the dawn, Setyawati goes to sleep. General Salya puts a sci-fi doll beside his wife, which can say, "O Dear, let me go to a biorobotic sci-fi war!" After putting his night clothing off, immediately he puts his war clothing on. And then in a hurry he goes to Bulupitu.

Different event
On one lakonet
--F = N2C

BIOART LAB, AMARTA.--Pandawa succeed to deform the secret key of Candabirawa Biorobotics in the Bioart Lab, so that from the deformation of artificial intuition of biosilico-logicus creature is reformed three new formations: biosilico-estheticus, biosilico-ethicus, and biosilico-mysticus. From the three formations the biorobots of Arsoid, Ethicoid, and Deusoid are created: the biorobot race which has reason and emotion. Really extraordinary! The Bioart Lab succeeds to produce such genius biorobots that understand truth, beauty, virtue, and miracle. General Darmakesuma, the expert of reason engineering in the Bioart Lab, brings Deusoid. The biosilico-deus creature is ready to save and rescue the human race in the battlefield of The Last Baratayuda World War.

DARMAKESUMA: Here you are, I think only Deusoid that can rival Candabirawa. How is the condition of Kurusetra?

KRESNA: Dangerous, General! Everyone says, "The Brigade of Candabirawa Biorobots multiple more and more!" Is it true, General Bima?

BIMA: Yes, General! The troops of Amarta go back off because all weapons can not destroy the Candabirawa Biorobots. The killing machine of the biosilico-logicus creature is like evil devil! Truly as hell ass hole!

DARMAKESUMA: Then, what is an appropriate strategy to save human beings?

KRESNA: Put all weapons off! And use anti-biorobotic clothes.

"Exactly! Weapon = catastrophe! What is the meaning? Look--the earth quakes, the ozone is torn, the global catastrophe is open!"
Nature + Culture - Nurture = No Future

"O Brahmadharmavisnu!"
"Future is the triad of nature-culture-nurture!"

DARMAKESUMA: Well, back to nurture. We should destroy the Candabirawa Biorobots. Let's go to Kurusetra!

"Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!"

Biorobotics Sci-fi war
The humans disappear

KURUSETRA.--Sci-fi war!

"Dur, Cit, Karta--watch HDTV: Candabirawa Biorobots make war, we just sit with swinging legs. Kurawa will win!"
HDTV: (It's visible--the giants with computer-brains, parabola-eyes, radar-ears, laser-hairs, missile-teeth, nuclear-fingers, weapon-hands, ammunition-bodies, gunpowder-lungs, and tank-legs--move mechanic-programmatic-catastrophically!)

"Contemporary Surrealism!"

(General Salya sits + remote + hardcore drink--detector screen--teleinstructor buttons--Kurusetra killing-field map--signal--0987654321--)

Faulkner: "When will be blown up?"
"As it's so!"

(General Salya suddenly screams, "Deusoid?"--Supersensory + artificial intuition detector: F = N2C--Candabirawa Biorobots 1/1 vanish!)

"Superpowerful without weapon!"

SALYA: Hmm, the deuce! Who are you?

DEUSOID: I'm Deusoid.

SALYA: O, my God! Art Thou Batara Dharma?

Bacon: "Idols of the Mind!"

DEUSOID: O, Salya--peel the Idols of the Sign, free the Idols of the Soul. You are about to know me!

SALYA: Kalimasada Science!

(Darmakesuma is appearing--Candabirawa is vanishing--Darmakesuma is winning!)

Lord of creation's human
Neither slave nor victim
Neither God nor Satan!

"Biorobots are destructed!"
"Salya's dead!"
"Long live Darmakesuma!"

White screen
Is a love sign

:--"Let's stop the flash-show here. Presence and Absence are important. Ki dalangmaya hopes to be forgiven, --see you later and wait for next lakonets!"

Ki Harsono Siswocarito
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The Primadonna of Sokalima

Jasmine blooms facing the day
Roses bloom and wildly gleam
Flowers of Tulip and Sakura
Thou art the worldly shawl!

SOKALIMA STATES UNIVERSITY. —The beats of the drum accompany the glorious steps of the primadonna of Sokalima. A super contemporary chick! She is the cathexis object of every boy. Moreover, a playboy like Arjuna, she can make him roll his eyes. Her name is top n pop—Srikandi. On her beauty, look into " The Notes of Si Kumbang Kampus,” Arjuna depicts her below—

“Kandy is really a super trendy chick. Her lips are as sweet as lipstick ad. Her eyes are as exotic as eyeshadow ad. Her hairstyle is like styling foam ad. Her fragrance is as unique as perfume ad. Her clothes are as trendy as fashion ad. Her body's as sexy as bikini ad. Her style's as attractive as L’Poseur is. Her brain's smarter than computer. Her attitude's emancipatorily practical. Her hobbies are displaying n showing off. Her ideals are gorgeous and famous. Her idol is artist-oriented. Her music is rock. Her love is patented n trusted. Her slogan—reading, idealizing, and working!”
Gee! Arjuna is genius! How sophisticated he depicts the image of the super contemporary chick. Differ from the style of orthodox artists! Look at the style: what are those lambene gula satemplik, halisna ngajeler paeh, and soon? Moreover an abstract—all beauties are shattered and destroyed. Never mind—, as you like. Listen to his chlise slogans, “The forms of art embody their own laws, not the reason to push us in daily life,” said Viktor Sjiklovski. Arjuna does not agree at all. For him, “Art is deformation!” It's ok!

Srikandi walks like on a catwalk. Her attitude is challenging like Jane d’Arc. Her sunglasses decorate her new wave hair. Her eyes shine wildly like a blitz. Her appearance makes Dr Kumbayana hurily jump out from his office through the window. Gosh--how obstinate the doctor is. He wants to chase Srikandi. He estimates highly the primadona of his campus. Pantas! Although he has a son as old as Srikandi, Dr Kumbayana does not care and prex-cuek. Because of his million puberty, he goes ahead!

Besides, Wilutama, the samen-leven partner of Dr Kumbayana, has uncertain room. When Aswatama was as little as mice, Wilutama fled because she was never given money for shopping. The salary of the doctor is always minim. Looking for part time teaching is only permitted for 4 SCU, doing corruption is impossible. He is not a bureaucrat! And … sst--remember! Inner Watch! Nah you are dead!

Instead of being dizzy for a thousand circles, it is better for him to look for a cheap entertainment. Dr Kumbayana approaches his campus primadonna. Kurawa CS make riot and whistle. Burisrawa the champion of flirting spontaneously sells love for sale, teasing his lecturer.

BURISRAWA: Hellaouw, Kandy--Madonna of my campus. Why do you like being approached by such an odd-old widower? It's better with me, come on? It should be desirous!

Srikandi rolls her eyes, but she is cinematically pretty. Dr Kumbayana opens his eyes wide because of being shot by his bad tempered students.

DURSASANA (laughing). Huahahaha... she is fit with me. This is--a student of government science--the candidate of Banjarjumut regent!

DURMAGATI: Zhe iz better with me, an engineer in the making future real-eztate zpezializt! Jeng Zri needn't be a victim of zabby apartment love. Make love in real-eztate--zophizticated, izn't it?

Ignoring the satanic mocking! Immediately Srikandi goes to library. Left alone by her, Dr Kumbayana is madly annoyed. To compensate his anger, he crazily curses his students.

KUMBAYANA: You all know not ethics, yea? Do you ask me for making you all fail in your exam? I'll give you all E grade! Verdoooven!


BURISRAWA: Youw threaten me, Doc? Youw kenow who I'm? Bureaucrat's son! Don't play with me if youw don't wanna be fired! Do youw understand, Doc?

Dr Kumbayana can shake his head only. Than he goes away like Cakil who always looses in war.

THE LIBRARY.--In the reading room of the library, Arjuna seems happy reading a novel written by Yudhistira, Arjuna Looks for Love. He does not care of the appearance of Srikandi. Neither does he when Kurawa ce-es liar-brutally follow the primadonna into the bookshelf corridor. The reading room changes into a sightseeing room. Because of his ill feelings, Arjuna jumps his butt in a hurry, going away without saying.

SRIKANDI: Hey, Jun! Wait!

Arjuna turns his head. He looks at the primadonna with the frozen eyesight like ice stone. Uneven frozen! Just for etiquette he asks.

ARJUNA: What's up?

SRIKANDI: Nothing--where are you going?

ARJUNA: Looking for privacy.

Without waiting for reaction, Arjuna steps away. Vacantly confused Srikandi is. Banowati, who is heavily gossiping with her friends, laughs wildly.

BANOWATI: Eh, look--our primadonna hits an obstacle. Taste it! Never hope Bro Jun will care her yea. Is she prettier than I am? Here--a model!

Dursilawati smiles like a donkey while looking at Banowati who gestures her sexy body.

DURSILAWATI: But you loose be-bra, Ban.

BANOWATI: What is be-bra?

DURSILAWATI: Loose beauty and brain!

BANOWATI: Never mind! The most important thing of all is sexy. I warranty it will succeed in rivalry. Brain is not important! Nah--what is the greatness of Srikandi who is truly pretty and smart? Moreover my approach to Arjuna has been done since I was at Kindergarten. Srikandi must be lost heavily!

SURTIKANTI (calmly smiling): Unfortunately I have engaged with Bro Awangga. If not, I wanna take apart in rivalry with you. What is uneasy in flirting Arjuna?

DURSILAWATI: Break him, Kanti. Let him be my lover.

SURTIKANTI: As you wish!

Laughing-bomb explodes in the middle of them. Over there, Srikandi still stands uneven-frozen, gazing at Arjuna who goes away and lost eaten by the edge of the campus. She wakes up from her uneven-frozen standing when Aswatama gives her a navy-blue enveloped letter. She says thanks and then buzzes off.

Coppercolored cloud in the sky
Western makes dark hurily
Evening is embraced stickly
By the night lonely!

PANCALA.--Srikandi closes the door of her bedroom. Slowly she opens the letter from Aswatama. Actually, Dr Kumbayana writes the letter. Wow--dad is made in date by his son!--thinks Srikandi. Its content is seduction! After reading the letter, she throws it out through a window.

Outside, the letter on his forehead beats Gandamana--the adjuvant of General Drupada, the father of Srikandi. He takes and reads it while walking: --

Dear Srikandi,

Thou art prettier than Juliet is
My love to thee more than Romeo!
The accessory in thy breast
Makes me jealous like Othelo
To Desdemona!

Mit der Liebe
Dr Kumbayana
Gandamana is surprised. Secretly he falls in love with the princess of his boss. His envy suddenly boils like rivaling Candradimuka crater. Like thunder he jumps into his military jeep. Then he goes with the gas! Looking at the attitude of the young adjuvant, picket officers stand stupor like buffalo.

Vice nightmare
To rival hell
The dark way

The military jeep rolls super speedily. Suddenly, the breaks scream, breaking the sky. The vehicles that dodge the satanic jeep, one goes to the valley, one hits street hookers, one crashes street vendors, and … etc. Gandamana cares nothing! From inside the jeep the voice heard: --

"I don't care anymore! Love is more important than catastrophe, more excellent that ethics! Go to hell Kumbayana--you're dead!"
SOKALIMA.--Everything is in hurry, Gandamana turns his drive left. The jeep moves like a ballet dancer. In front of Dr Kumbayana's house, the jeep stops. Gandamana jumps down. His steps are resolute, steady-sturdy like Commando. His face is wildly vice more than terrorist!

GANDAMANA: Kumbayana--get out!

His scream welcomes the dumb night. However, inside the house it is heard knees clash, trembling anxiously. Gandamana kicks and breaks down the door.

Dr Kumbayana hides in the space under his bed; he keeps on clashing his knees! The steady steps of the radial sky-high boots come closely. The bed trembles inevitably. The radial boots step closer and closer. The Rambo model of the riffle-barrel touches the nose of Dr Kumbayana.

GANDAMANA: Choose your head explodes, or hands up?

KUMBAYANA: I'm dead! Yes-yes… I am g-going o-out! B-but d-don't s-shoot me, Sir.

However, Dr Kumbayana can not stand up and out his hide. Roughly and impolitely Gandamana grabs him out.

KUMBAYANA: D-don't s-shoot me, Sir. You can take TV, video, or all my salary….

GANDAMANA: Shut up! I'm not a robber! Follow me!

KUMBAYANA: You wanna make me a hostage, Sir? It's in vain, Sir. I'm not VIP, politician, nor high bureaucrat. I'm just a mere honorary worker, Sir.

GANDAMANA: You've used a wrong pen. You should be punished heavily because you've bravely teased the general's princess!

KUMBAYANA: Punish me? But where is your letter of duty to arrest me?

GANDAMANA: I don't need it!

KUMBAYANA: But, Sir--this is a law state. Although I'm wrong, I hope you use a legal procedure.

GANDAMANA: Prex! The world of knight knows only hitting, beating, and fighting. I want to prove if Kumbayana is truly powerful ora tedhas tapak paluning pandhe--eh, sorry--it's obsolete! I mean, the product of nuclear technology, missile, etc.!

KUMBAYANA: Wow, Sir--mercy me! I just a mere brahmana intellectual, Sir.

GANDAMANA: What do you mean, Doc?

Dr Kumbayana smiles while looking at Gandamana withers his vice face. He does not idle this opportunity.

KUMBAYANA: Nah! Sir, do you want to know the meaning of brahmana intellectual? Goed! He is the man whose skull is full of scientific and technological and philosophical maxims but his heart if full of jopa-japu!

Gandamana frowns his forehead. His Rambo like riffle is handed down. Dr Kumbayana feels horrible no more. He thinks his polemology succeeds. The wildly vice face withers like a cheap cloth.

GANDAMANA: What is jopa-japu? Is it like a magic sentence, Doc?

KUMBAYANA: O, no! Eh, yes. Nah--that's it! But a sacred formula is different from prayer. Do you know, Sir?


KUMBAYANA: Even if you wanna know--there is a modern magic sentence that can make man be whatever he wanna be. It's true, Sir.

GANDAMANA: What is it, Doc?

Dr Kumbayana tries to remember a modern magic sentence. In the style of a poet he read it: --

Papaliko arukabazuku kodega suzukalibu tutuk liba dekodega zamzam lagotokoco

By Gosh! It derives from "Husspuss" written by Sutardji Calzoum Bachri. Rather! Gandamana feels like a loser. Because of his hate and anger a jab like Tyson's hits the nose of Dr Kumbayana. A Tae Kwon Do kick of Gandamana makes the left hand of his target deformed. The bad faith Doctor falls to the ground.

The earth quacks the sky quacks!
Leaving the dark in his wink!

HOSPITAL.--Sokalima is in an uproar! Dr Kumbayana bruises until blue and black. Aswatama is powerless. He does not know who has made her father knock out. Last night after making a date with Dursilawati, he found his home was messy and his father fell into a gutter like rat. He thinks it was a bloody robber. But nothing's lost except the buttons of his father's shirt fell off confusedly. The investigation result of private detective is positively not a robbery, but violence.

In the waiting room of the hospital, Aswatama is confusedly thinking. When a doctor gets out of ICU, he approaches him.

ASWATAMA: How's my dad, Doc?

DOKTER: Emm--good. The concussion of his brain can be cured, but his physical defect is inevitable. Especially, the mouth, nose, and left hand of Dr Kumbayana can not be perfectly remedied like before.

Aswatama is drooping in the heart. He falls into a chair with x legs. His eyes are low-bat. The doctor just smiles sourly. Sour-sad! Through the glass, the sky looks like a shroud. A carved face is weakly bounded and bloody wounded. Dr Kumbayana lies down there. In the interval of his mourning his delirium utters, "papaliko… bazuku… suzu… ibu…"

Anxiously sad is Aswatama. He looks at a hundred tubes of infuse alternately resist the death. In sadness time is felt too slowly.

Mute mouth morning
Without word without
Asking without greeting!

Aswatama breathes loudly! He opens his daily notes: Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday… Sunday, Sunday, Sunday--and so many Sundays are over and over, Dr Kumbayana has not get well, too. Slowly but surely, Aswatama writes his pen down: --

"Only date changes; but day does not alter. My dad is still dull. His case is frozen. De polis ken du nating! Perhaps it is entered to a refrigerator. My darling, Dursilawati the fat, is also ominous. Near the corpse room, she still asks for getting 68. She says, "Love never knows agony!" Gee my knee! 68 again and again 68. A crazy puzzle! She like whatever hot: hot martabak cake, or hot Bandung cake. How greedy she is! I just eat a piece and she has eaten five. Fit with her radial teeth like a tractor tire! Rather ondel-ondel Betawi she is! No matter!"
Heard the steady steps come closer. Aswatama closes his book. From the mouth of the corridor comes Arjuna.

ARJUNA: G'morrow, Tom! Does Mr. Doctor get better?

ASWATAMA: G'monin, Fren--yeah as you see!

ARJUNA: What is the result of the police's investigation?


ARJUNA: Sure?--may and may not be. I'll try to chase the traces. Vice can not run, but to hell.

ASWATAMA: Yes, Fren--smes it! Yu'll be ol rait.

Arjuna understands the sloppy English dialect of Aswatama. After visiting Dr Kumbayana, Arjuna uproots his legs.

ARJUNA: G'bye, Tom!

ASWATAMA: G'bay, Fren!

The mouth of the corridor swallows Arjuna wholly. He disappears!

The brief news
Hunts the event
Sign of Kurawa
Do the demo!

ASTINA.--Lieut.Gen Sakuni, the metropolitan police chief of Astina, holds a briefing. Lieut.Col Kartamarma sits while rolling his moustache, which is like bar jail. Major Citraksi nods his head not for understanding his boss's instruction but for feeling sleepy. Corporal Citrayuda falls asleep and slobbers.

SAKUNI: The result of politically motivated investigation is positive that the hitter of Dr Kumbayana is Bima! For the only one with Ambon banana-like fingers is Bima. No doubt anymore--catch Bima the bastard. Done!


After giving respect to his boss, Lieut.Col Kartamarma turns to elbow his subordinates. Lick there and elbow here are deeply rooted in the tradition! The bad culture is inevitable. Such an ulcer does not need bounding--amputate it.

KARTAMARMA: Jor-Major--wake up! Sleeping all the time. Get up, Jor!

Major Citraksi makes a snoring contest with Corporal Citrayuda. Lieut.Col Kartamarma has his own way to wake up his subordinates.

KARTAMARMA: Major, I've a bonus!

CITRAKSI: Where is it? Gimme a devident, Overste!

CITRAYUDA: Fifty-fifty is ok, Ov, with subordinates.

Lieut.Col Kartamarma cynically smiles. Nah you! If so, like or not subordinates should be discipline. They can do nothing but doing their duty.

THE PARK--Because Bima is not a refugee, he is easily found. In the park, he is dating with his darling--Nagagini. Lieut.Col Kartamarma manages an arresting strategy.

KARTAMARMA: Good! Bima has a date with a sissy. Be careful don't go off! Do you have a sophisticated way to catch him, Major?

CITRAKSI: Easy! Directly shoot him, like a mysterious sniper.

KARTAMARMA: Hush--blindly talking! It's the last way. Remember--we should take care de police's image.

CITRAYUDA: I think it is better to use penyirepan magic formula to make Bima fall asleep and catch him. Finish, right?

KARTAMARMA: You can do it, Pral?

CITRAYUDA: Yes of coz. Who else I do!

CITRAKSI: Alaaa--you just show off. Try, I wanna know.

Corporal Citrayuda puts his hands on his chest. His eyes are closed. His mouth mumbles, spelling the magic formula: --

Rep sirep si megandana,
Wong sarewu pada tumut,
Salaksa wong serah nyawa.
There is no reaction. Bima and his lover are more intimate. Major Citraksi starts yawning widely; but actually, he has lethargy. Lieut.Col Kartamarma stands uneven frozen. Such a situation makes Bima passionate. Moreover his darling likes sinking her face in his chest.

KARTAMARMA: Thirteen times dangerous, Pral! Let's arrest him!

CITRAYUDA: Wait. Look--Bima starts sleeping. Her lover falls asleep in his hands.

KARTAMARMA: Gee--actually the man is in action, not sleeping, Pral. How stupid you are!

Unpredictably, Bima throws a tube and it hits the forehead of Lieut.Col Kartamarma. No mercy, he falls unconsciously. His body falls down like a banana tree cut by a sword. The red-sleepy eyes of Major Citraksi open widely like a traffic light. Red-yellow-green!

CITRAKSI: Let's arrest him, Pral!

Bima is surprised like a pickpocket snapped by Corporal Citrayuda. Nagagini horribly trembles. Bima stands up. He looks at the rural cowboy-like faces of Major Citraksi and Corporal Citrayuda. Bima thinks they are the rascals who like pretending to be warriors and seeking a story. By manly attitude like a champion, Bima steps forward, ready to make war.

CITRAKSI: Give up, Man!

The hand with a pistol points directly to the nose of Bima. Attacking with lightening speed he grabs it and his fist hits the side-whiskers of the Major. Looking at his boss knocked out at the first minute, Corporal Citrayuda takes his pistol. Having no chance to shoot, a three quintals jab hits his bottled stomach. No mercy anymore the bad faith corporal is thrown away outside the park, falling into the black gutter. That's an extra show--say people.

Bima cleans his sleeves. Nagagini who has been standing freezly in the edge of the park runs to her lover. Bima embraces her.

NAGAGINI: Are you ok, Honey? I feel horrible--but infatuated, too. Your style is like Mr. T the star of The A Team!

Bima smiles calmly. The couple do "cup-mmmh-cup-mmmh", and than go away.

The hot day
Greets unlucky day

THE HEADQUARTER.--Lieut.Gen Sakuni is mocking his subordinates.

SAKUNI: Stupid! Doing such a duty you fail!

KARTAMARMA: In fact, he is invulnerable by a magic formula.

SAKUNI: Magic? What is that? How stupid you are! Use you brain. Shot with anaesthetic bullet--finished!

CITRAKSI: That's right! With an anaesthetic bullet, I warranty that Bima will be suffocated. Let's go Pral!

"The Hitter of Dr Kumbayana captured!"
SOKALIMA.--Arjuna opens his eyes widely when he reads the news of Astina Voice. Bima is sent to the court. Arjuna feels confused--why is Bima, his brother, arrested and accused of hitting Dr Kumbayana? It's slander!--thinks Arjuna. His own investigation is still in a half way: the shabby letter written by Dr Kumbayana, can be found in his trash basket. It involves the name of the primadonna of Sokalima--Srikandi.

In the verandah of the campus, Banowati stops Arjuna.

BANOWATI: Jun, accompany me for shopping. Is it OK?

ARJUNA: Oops--sorry, Ban. I'm really busy.

BANOWATI: Just for a while, why, Jun?

ARJUNA: I can't, Ban. I've an important case!

Banowati suntrut-cemberut, failing to ask Arjuna for dating. Unfortunately, she has a bet with Surtikanti and Dursilawati. Arjuna does not care of her disappointed face. The humble letter asks him for visiting Srikandi's house.

PANCALA.--After writing his ID in a guest book handed by the vice-face Gandamana, Arjuna goes to the guestroom. Srikandi appears and smiles as sweet as a lipstick ad. Her body looks so sexy wearing tight jeans and a fit T-shirt. Arjuna who knows by heart Katuranggan Perawan spontaneously classifies her into a type of Gedang Kencana or Mitra Dharma woman!

SRIKANDI: Come in, Jun. At last you would like to come here, too.

ARJUNA: Danke! I need you help, Kandy.

SRIKANDI: O-yea? What's that?

ARJUNA: Do you know this letter?

Looking at the humble letter written by Dr Kumbayana in Arjuna's hands, Srikandi is startled like turtle. Arjuna smiles calmly.

SRIKANDI: I threw the letter away. Why now is it in you, Jun?

ARJUNA: I found it in the trash basket of Dr Kumbayana. Did you send it back?

SRIKANDI: Ah, no! What's the matter, Jun?

ARJUNA: This letter relates to the hitting of Dr Kumbayana. And, Bima has been the victim of miss-arrest. It's impossible for him to violate his lecturer.

SRIKANDI: Then you accuse me, Jun?

ARJUNA: No, Kandy. Maybe there is a man who feels jealous because of you, and then violates the writer of this letter. Do you have a boyfriend, Kandy?

SRIKANDY: Em… no, Jun. Papa forbids me to have a lover. He says, "Ideal first, then love!" Besides, Mr. Ganda's guarding is very tight.

Lucky!--thinks Arjuna. He looks at her with a sticky sight. Manly eyes! Srikandi seems very shy. Her cheeks blush and sum her beauty. She uproots her sight from the edge of the sofa. Then she tries to gaze bravely at the super-cute boy in front of her. But it's messy. Her sight crashes with his sight. A Richard Gere-like smile depicts the sweet lips of Arjuna. Spontaneously Srikandi's heart beats in rivalry with the drumbeats of Phil Collins.

ARJUNA: Excuse me--see you later, Kandy.

SRIKANDI: So hurry? Where are you going, Jun?

ARJUNA: You know--an amateur detective! G'bye, Kandy.

SRIKANDI: Yoo-bye!

Arjuna is about to step out of the hedge, a heavy voice heard calling. He looks around. Gandamana stands by his military jeep. His vice face does not conformise.

GANDAMANA: Never try to tease the General's princess, if you don't wanna have a bad faith like Dr Kumbayana. Look at these--my right hand is hospital, my left hand is hell!

ARJUNA: O, I see--this is the hitter of Dr Kumbayana?

GANDAMANA: Yes--what do you want?

ARJUNA: So manly! Or it's because of an adjuvant? Prex! Justice is more important than status.

GANDAMANA: Never pretend to be heroic, Boy! Be a coward to save yourself.

ARJUNA: Prex ah! A man like you'd better be a citizen of prison. Go to jail, Man!

Suddenly Gandamana jumps, his fist is ready to hit Arjuna's head. But mis it! The hitter is vexed; his anger flares up rivaling Iran's oil refinery bombed by Iraq. The battle is inevitable. Physically, Arjuna looses big; but tactically, he wins smartly. It is not strange if Gandamana is not able to cope with, then takes his commando-knife. Wildly-madly the knife flies directly toward Arjuna's chest. Speedily like a thunder Arjuna grabs it, and his kicking is enough to make Gandamana fall to the ground, kissing hot asphalt.

Gandamana tries to stand up. He holds the side of his jeep. While tottering like a drunkard's style, he takes his Rambo-like riffle. Then it is pointed directly to Arjuna.

GANDAMANA: He-he-he… you're dead, Boy!

ARJUNA: OK! You are dead, too, if you know who I'm.

GANDAMANA: Who are you, huh?

ARJUNA: Arjuna! I'm the son-in-law candidate of General Drupada.

The riffle ready to "BANG" slowly goes down. It is not because of Arjuna's bluffing, but because of General Drupada's coming with Srikandi.

DRUPADA: What are you doing Captain?

GANDAMANA: He has tortured my self-esteem, General.

DRUPADA: Is it right, Arjuna?

ARJUNA: Lie, Uncle! He talks blindly. Actually, he asked me first to fight. He is the hitter of Dr Kumbayana, Uncle.

SRIKANDI (surprised): Why are you so reckless, Ganda?

GANDAMANA: It's because of thee Young Lady--I love thee.

Hearing such a confession, Srikandi is uneven-frozen. Arjuna smiles funnily. Crazy! The sight of Gandamana falls into the edge of General Drupada's boots.

DRUPADA: You should be responsible to the risk of this case, Captain! En it's impossible for me to protect what you did. Justice is more powerful than status.

The prisoner vehicle picks Gandamana up. For a while he gazes at the primadonna of Sokalima. Srikandi looks at him until he is lost eaten by a bend street. Then she turns to throw her eyes to Arjuna beside her. Arjuna welcomes her with a "cup-mmmh" smile. The love flowers bloom in the heart of Srikandi, challenging the playboy falling in love with her. Cup-mmmh--CUT! The intimacy of the campus primadonna and the campus playboy is greeted by the Greatest Love of All song sung by the super black sweet Whitney Houston.

Ki Harsono Siswocarito
Semarang, 5 Pebruary 2008