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Dawala the Pioneer of Mass-Education

The fog starts uncovering!
And the Sun is shining
At every movement looking!

TUMARITIS VILLAGE.--Kyai Semar Badranaya, ya Ki Lurah Kudapawana seems thinking and contemplating: society is changing! Tumaritis village starts moving to a dynamic living. It is different from villages in old age, bounded by static system of tradition. Tumaritis is dynamically moving.

As the lost of Kyai Petruk, appears Begawan Dawala who is super-mbeling playing goro-goro. Different from Kyai Petruk in making goro-goro that is always full of crazy-jokes, Begawan Dawala makes goro-goro by declearing living without B3B (free from three types of illiteracy). The result is that Amarta's societies become clever and educated without importing KKN students and their bullshit DPL from Sokalima University. However, the smart and educated societies are not free from problem faced by them. Even happens a new epidemic that becomes epidemically new. Now the students become "pollution" that increases the epidemic of intellectual deficiency! A new pollution in modern societies that directly and super-negatively impacts on human living.

The smokestack does obviously not cause the pollution and epidemic and waste of steel, fertilizer industries, or whatever that pollutes environment; but, caused by the waste of education industries themselves, that likes or dislikes polluting! At least it says so according to Begawan Dawala. Anxiously, he observes the education industries: in his opinion, there is no a harmonious balance between the machines in all levels; so that the education products are never appropriately useful. As a result, there is no ready-for-use product! Besides, the education industries are wasteful! Like a tonnage of rice that becomes a kilogram of rice, and finally become a spoon of rice. The others become their own wastes of education industries! If the wastes are not immediately overcome, at last they will be pollution, and spread the epidemic of intellectual deficiency. It is more dangerous than the plague like in Albert Camus' La peste. Begawan Dawala wisely smiles.

Actually, education industries are able to create intellectual taste. The mechanism system forces the existence of continual production process. And ironically, going out of the system means to fasten pollution; and stopping means a sudden deficiency; meanwhile if it keeps continuing, it will be chronic! En vano ni hablar de eso--says Begawan Dawala in Don Juan's language.

With his deep wit Begawan Dawala watches the social show. Several efforts have been done to oppress the pollution and epidemic, although those are just merely noisy-busy. Formal people immediately enlarge and heighten their "education industry buildings". Non-formal people are busy to sell portable education machines. In informal environment people are busy to look for the medicine. According to Begawan Dawala, such people have given wrong diagnosis; and consequently they have injected wrong medicine. Education mal-practice is inevitable! Pollution only flows to another place; meanwhile intellectual deficiency is only cured by intellectual fallacy! How horrible it is.

As a good citizen of Amarta, Begawan Dawala does not just keep silent. He is a guiding watcher! So soon he goes to meet Kyai Semar.

In his humble house, Kyai Semar stands up from his contemplation. He approaches Gareng and Bagong.

SEMAR: Sons, don't you know where Petruk is going?

GARENG: No, Dad!

BAGONG: Nah--you see… your son wants to study, you don't permit him. Petruk is obstinately leaving the house!

SEMAR: Gee, you blame me! He doesn't take my advice. Don't force to enter higher education, moreover to a so and so university.

BAGONG: But, Dad, it's the age of schooling. You could stand to lead a miserable existence and make your son miss the age. Please look at my Bro Gareng that is illiterate, there is KMD--newspaper for villagers-- he is only able to see its pictures. He passed B3B yesterday evening. Poor him!

GARENG: Mocking me!

BAGONG: I don't mock or insult you, it's reality! Other people are busy competing to be a village-head and looking for a mbonapide en kualipeot job, Kang Gareng brings his hue everywhere--keeping on doing voluntary collective work!

GARENG: Lha wong I'm a good citizen.

BAGONG: That's right if your voluntary collective work is really done, wong Kang Gareng just looks for getting the food.

Without mercy Gareng flies his fists. Bagong groans and moans.

SEMAR: Hehehe… don’t fight! Voluntary collective work is important, too. We are humble people only able to do voluntary collective work by hoing. I'm myself a ward master not merely governing. Taking action is necessary! Not because of a leader, my work is merely instructing and governing! Not so!

GARENG: Nah! You see--that's right, Dad!

SEMAR: Look for si Petruk!

BAGONG: Take action, Daaad!

Semar smiles.

GARENG: Ops--I can't, Dad. How do I look for him? Uphill I'm afraid I'll be confused, down town I'm afraid I'll be lost!

BAGONG: How a kampoong man your are! For me, I prefer looking for money to looking for Petruk whose place is not obvious! Private Uni has a great harvest. I'll take a part to harvest.

GARENG: You can't do that! It's the harvest season for intellectuals. You, studying at Senior High School, have never finished.

BAGONG: Wrong! I know the people who have the harvest are intellectuals, the people who are harvested are students, and the people who are injured by the harvest are their parents! And the people who dig the foundation of the glamour but tremor campus are we.

GARENG: Wee, there are many machines. Can you rival such machines?

BAGONG: If you say so, as the products of technological age people should be able to rival machines. Technology doesn't only create robot, but also makes human beings be robots. The more like robot, the more useful the people in the world of technology. It's better than empty--handed and empty-headed! Right or wrong?

At that time Begawan Dawala is entering the doorway.

DAWALA: Sampurasun, excuse me.

SEMAR: Rampes! O, Ki Dawala, come in please.

DAWALA: Thank you, Kyai. Well, Kyai, I'm really sorry for seeing the new phenomenon that falls on our society. After getting rid of triple illiteracy, now occur the pollution of students and the epidemic of intellectual deficiency. To face such conditions, what should be done, Kyai?

Kyai Semar is surprised-confused. Facing such a problem, he can not do anything else except goes back to his own self.

SEMAR: That's the risk. We can not blame others. The Industry of education is going on and can not be stopped. The only way to save the industry is haw to navigate it. Where'll our education industry be navigated?

DAWALA: That's the anxious problem, Kyai. Three-centered education is shaking because there is no balance here and there. Prof Dr Arjuna, the National Education Ministry of Amarta, can not overcome the industry of formal education. The buildings of the industry is as high as the sky, but the quality is as high as knee; it is sophisticated in the ivory tower, but it is powerless in the practical fields; and the gap is like a abyss more and more. The products of education industry are more alienated from market taste. The production cost is bigger than the selling cost of its products that is often in vein. At last the industry is so consumptive to the raw material just to make idleness!

Gareng and Bagong keep silent knowing nothing

SEMAR: Then what is the purpose of Ki Begawan?

DAWALA: It needs deformation!

Kyai Semar is startled. The only one Begawan is very multi-radical!

SEMAR: I understand--Ki Begawan does not chit a chat, but don't oppose the system!

DAWALA: Deformation doesn't oppose the system. Deformation is a new paradigm. It's the time for Amarta to establish mass-education. The social dynamics has displayed mass-society that supports mass-culture. In such a condition, mass-information will grow speedily and spreadly. In mass-education, the role of mass-information is absolute as a mass-mahaguru.

GARENG (whispering): do you get it, Gong?


SEMAR: Is it possible operationally?

DAWALA: Of course! Just waiting for the coming of mass-mahaguru, educating mass with sophisticated mass-information. For gaining the purpose, massmedia will not be free from deformation! The more cultural and educative massmedia, the more trusted to be the tongue of mass-mahaguru. Next time information deformation will change the world!

BAGONG: Is it like revolution?

DAWALA: Deformation is not revolution! All kinds of revolution just represent fallacy. Revolution is just a mere culture of human-pigs! Revolution is just a mere bullshit!


SEMAR: Em!--Then what is the ubarampe of mass-education operation?

DAWALA: Firstly, establishing mass-information deformation by forming BSIM--mass-information censorship board. The black or white mass-education depends on the sophistication of BSIM. Secondly, it is necessary to form BPIM--mass-information-guiding board. This board controls the circuit and mechanism of mass-information; so that the objective of mass-education can be directed in line of its purpose. Nah!--only by such a mass-education, the student pollution and all of it impact, and intellectual deficiency can be overcome. Besides, it determines the existence of mass-culture in the future.

SEMAR: Yes, it depends on its praxis. Is practice not as simple as theory? Often a "grand theory" changes to be "vice" in practice. History has noted many events like those. And of course Ki Begawan himself understands those cases. How has the world been burnt by the crazy fool Uber Alles, ten million people were killed for the game of human-pigs, and human beings slowly but exactly face The World Lost.

DAWALA: True, Kyai. Deformation has superpower to achieve The World Regain. Mass-education will prove that science doesn't lay in the glamour of ivory-towered buildings, but lays in the power of information! That's why mass-education sets forward information deformation. Without information deformation, education doesn't exist!

Bagong is confused. Gareng is snoring.

SEMAR: I agree! Mass-education is more oriented to public interest; not to establish elite intellectual attitude. It's truly a noble idea! I hope mass-intellectuals will be born next time. And like or dislike, elite-intellectual will be seized by the age. This case will happen consequently; no because of force like marginal people who live in the slums. Marginal students are not necessary to be pollution. Even, Ekalaya, Socrates, Ivan Illich, and the similar archetype like them go ahead!

DAWALA: True, Kyai. Sokalima as a megapolitan city of education can do nothing! What is the meaning of intellectuals if just merely silent intellectuals? What is the use of heightening a slanting ivory-towered building? Intellectual-being-for-himself is meaningless! Intellectual an sich is just a mere catshit! All we need now are intellectual being-for-others: mass-intellectuals.

Kyai Semar smiles wisely. The existence of Begawan Dawala in his village if like a full moon in a blind night. Kyai Semar, as a trusted humble person in Amarta, immediately reports Begawan Dawala's will to the Minister of National Education of Amarta--Prof Dr Arjuna. At first, mass-education is regarded as a non-sense education system! However, the Minister of Communication of Amarta Prof Dr Nakula thinks differently. Mass-education is a sophisticated education system, in which communication will exist more and more. According to Minister of Com Nakula, mass-education will be able to cure the squealer culture in communication. For the vested interest, Minister of Com Nakula receives the mass-education. Even though Prof Dr Arjuna does not agree because he is too fanatic with the education system of Sokalima, Prof Dr Nakula will enter mass-education to his department. Finally, after fully understanding the system, Prof Dr Arjuna agrees, too.

It is reported that mass-education is established in the state of Amarta. It has a super extraordinary consequence! The people of Amarta are cleverer and better educated in comparison to the people of other countries. The state of Astina that is proud of having megapolitan city of education Sokalima becomes underdeveloped not because of stupidity but it is left and can not follow the development of mass-education in Amarta.

In fact BSIM can be a defense valve for Amarta. BSIM supports the power of security and defense and General Bima, Minister of Defense of Amarta, participates to allocate his weaponry budgets for information budgets of mass-education. BPIM can make mass-information be export commodities in the traffic of international mass-information. Minister of Research and Technology of Amarta, Prof Dr Ir Sadewa admires the sophistication of information technology of BPIM which is not only able to detect information from and to all over the world, but also to all over the universe. Military Commander of Amarta General Gatotkaca is glad to see the existence of BPIM; as a matter of fact whose the greatness of spy force is more sophisticated than other spy-agents. Amarta does not need to send its James Bonds whom like playing with women in their operations.

Begawan Dawala smiles wisely. He clearly resists when the rector Sokalima University Prof Dr Durna invites to give Doctor Honoris Causa for Begawan Dawala. The attitude is regarded as a great mockery for Astina. Moreover when the First Lady of Astina, Mrs. Banowati PhD, forces President Duryudana to do a total perestroka in Negara "Tirai" Astina. For being ignored, Banowati the philosophy doctor runs away to meet Begawan Dawala. Studying his science.

When Banowati asks whether Begawan Dawala exists, calmly Begawan Dawala says, "I deform, therefore I exist!"

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Semarang, 15 Maret 2008